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Quick! Download a Metalink client & try it!

If you use Firefox (on Windows, Mac, or Unix)...

the easiest way to download with Metalink is DownThemAll! (Cross Platform Firefox Extension, Open Source). Just install DTA, then right click the Metalink for the flavor of Ubuntu you want, and select "Start link with OneClick!"

Metalink download with DownThemAll!

If you're on Windows...

You can also install a download manager, Free Download Manager (Open Source), wxDownload Fast (Open Source), GetRight, Net Transport, Orbit Downloader, and Retriever work well. (These integrate with Firefox with the FlashGot extension).

You could also install another web browser, TheWorld Browser, or SmartFTP (no acceleration).

There's also a Windows version of aria2 and Metalink Checker, both excellent command line downloaders, but it may only be appropriate for those comfortable using non-graphical applications.

If you're on Unix...

There's KGet2 in KDE4.

aria2 can be installed with 'sudo apt-get install aria2' on Debian & Ubuntu. Binary packages are available for many other distributions. There's also Retriever and wxDownload Fast, download managers that can be integrated with Firefox with the FlashGot extension. Metalink Checker is another excellent command line downloader.

If you're on OS X...

Speed Download (Mac) is a slick Download Manager with fast downloads & P2P filesharing. It integrates with popular Mac browsers like Safari, Camino, & Firefox (along with 5 others). Retriever also works on Mac, along with aria2 and Metalink Checker for command line users.

Who uses Metalink?  [back to top]

If you would like to add Metalinks to your site, you might want to read the Publisher's Guide.


Metalink @ Packages Resources provides updated Metalinks for the Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Linux Kernel, OpenOffice.org, openSUSE, Ubuntu/Edubuntu/Kubuntu ISOs with more Open Source projects on the way (KDE, Mandriva). Software and source code (perl) for generating Metalinks is also available there.

debindex is a Debian archive URL index that creates Metalinks for downloads.

RGhost, a file sharing site, supplies metalinks for downloads.

Sage, a free open-source mathematics software system, uses Metalink.

XBMC uses MirrorBrain and Metalinks for their downloads.

find that file is a search engine for downloads, and it now spiders Metalinks!

OpenOffice.org and cURL provide Metalinks for their downloads.

openSUSE offers Metalinks for their distribution via MirrorBrain.

Fedora offers Metalinks for their distribution via MirrorManager.

Appupdater has a Metalink Repository with the following Windows apps available for download with Metalink: 7 Zip, AOL Instant Messenger, AbiWord, ActivePerl, Ad Aware SE, Adobe Reader, Appupdater, Aria2, Aspell, Audacity, BitTorrent, CDex, Celestia, Citrix Client, DivX, Eraser, Excel Viewer, Feedreader, Firefox, Flash, GAIM, GIMP, GTK+, Google Earth, IrfanView, Java, Metalink Editor, MythTV Filters, NSIS, Netstumbler, Network Stumbler, Notepad++, OpenOffice, PDFCreator, Pidgin, Powerpoint Viewer, PuTTY, Python, QuickTime, RealPlayer, RealVNC, Spybot, StreamRipper32, Sunbird, SyncToy, Thunderbird, TortoiseSVN, VCDControlTool, VLC, Virtual PC, Visio Viewer, WinPcap, WinSCP, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Wireshark, Word Viewer, World Wind, iTunes, py2exe py 2.5, pywin32 py 2.5.

Mirror Search indexes FTP sites and returns search results in metalinks.

LugRadio, the world's premiere free and open source radio show, uses Metalinks.

The UniProt Consortium, now provides a Metalink for the RDF distribution of the UniProt protein database.

Eiffel Software uses Metalink for their downloads. They offer a compiler/development IDE for the Eiffel programming language, among other things.

Other Linux/BSD/OpenSolaris distributions: 64 Studio, ADIOS, Arch Linux, Bayanihan Linux, BeleniX (OpenSolaris), Berry Linux, blag linux, Bluewhite64 Linux, Damn Small Linux, DesktopBSD, GoboLinux, Granular Linux, Hacao Linux, KateOS, Linux Mint, MidnightBSD, MirOS BSD, Pardus Linux, PC-BSD, PCLinuxOS, PuppyLinux, redWall Firewall, Sabayon, Sabily Linux, StartCom Linux, Swecha, TrueBSD, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Greek and Indonesia, Ubuntu Christian Edition.

Polish Wikipedia DVD is available for download with Metalink.

Host-A Hosting, a free file hosting service, offers Metalinks for downloads

DOFUS, a "Tactical MMORPG", uses Metalink for their downloads.

Horizons Crafting Calculator.

Justablip Records Open Source audio.

Metalink 3.0 Examples  [back to top]
These files are plain text XML and can be viewed with any text editor. Instructions for use with GetRight are at the bottom of the page.

AbiWord 2.4.6 (Windows, great lightweight wordprocessor)
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 English (or 7.08) (Windows)
AmericasArmy270_Generic.exe.metalink (Windows)
Asterisk 1.2.18 (unix PBX software)
ATI_Catalyst_6.6_x86.metalink (Windows)
blender-2.42a-windows.metalink (Windows)
boinc_5.8.16_windows_intelx86.exe.metalink (Windows BOINC)
Crysis (Game Hi-Def WMV video)
Eclipse SDK Linux GTK / Windows

Elephant's Dream an open movie
AVI, MPEG4 / AC3 5.1 Surround 1920 (HD) / 1024
QuickTime, H.264 / AAC Stereo 1024 / 720 / 480
eMule-0.47a.metalink (P2P, Windows)
gimp-2.2.13.tar.bz2.metalink (unix)
gimp-2.4.0-i586-setup.exe.metalink (Windows)
GNOME 2.16.1 Admin (unix, source, multi-file)
GNOME 2.16.1 Bindings (unix, source, multi-file)
GNOME 2.16.1 Desktop (unix, source, multi-file)
GNOME 2.16.1 Platform (unix, source, multi-file)

GNU TLS 2.8.0 (unix, source, signature included)
K-Lite Codec Pack 2.72 Basic / Standard / Full / Mega (1.54) (Windows)
KDE 3.5.5 (unix, source, multi-file)
KOffice 1.6 Alpha 1 (KDE Office) (unix)
Lineage II: Chaotic Chronicle Chapter 4 (Windows)
Lineage II: Chaotic Chronicle Chapter 5 (Windows)
NeoOffice-1.2.2.metalink (Mac OS X)
NeoOffice 2.1 Intel / PPC (Mac OS X)
Nero English / German / Italian / English/German/Italian (Windows)
nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers 91.31 2K/XP (32-bit) English / International
nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers 91.31 XP x64 (64-bit) English / International
NASA_World_Wind_1.3.5.metalink (Windows)
nLite 1.0 (Windows)
OLPC 8.2.0 software update

OpenOffice.org Metalinks
2.4.1 (without Java Runtime) Windows / Linux / Linux (.deb) / Mac OS X /Solaris: [ SPARC / x86 ]
2.4.1 (Java Runtime included) Windows / Linux / Solaris: [ SPARC / x86 ]
2.3 (Mirrors/Torrent integrated) Windows / Linux (Debian)
2.1 Windows / Linux / Solaris: [ SPARC / x86 ]
Mac OS X 2.0.3: [ PPC / Intel ]
Multiple OS
phpMyAdmin 2.11.2 All Languages: 7z / tar.bz2 / tar.gz / zip
phpMyAdmin 2.11.2 All Languages UTF-8 only: 7z / tar.bz2 / tar.gz / zip
phpMyAdmin 2.11.2 English: 7z / tar.bz2 / tar.gz / zip
Quicktime Alternative 1.73 (Windows)
Simba-0.8.2.metalink - Mirroring tool (unix, multi-file)
Speed Download 4.1.1 (Mac)
TortoiseSVN 1.5.2 (Windows) x86 / x64 (AMD64)
tor (vidalia-bundle- (Windows)
VideoLAN Client (Windows)
VirtualDub 1.6.15 (Windows) x86 / x64 (AMD64)
wireshark-setup-0.99.2.metalink (formerly Ethereal) (Windows)
Zoom_Player_4.51_Standard.metalink (Windows)

ISOs (large disk images)

64 Studio Linux 1.0 64 bit / 32 bit
64 Studio Linux 1.3.0 64 bit / 32 bit (Development release, Linux ISO)

Arch Linux
2009.02 All ISOs
i686 [ core install: img / iso FTP install: img / iso ]
x86_64 [ core install: img / iso FTP install: img / iso ]
2008.03-1 i686 [ core / ftp ] x86_64 [ core / ftp ]
2007.08-2 i686 [ core / ftp ] x86_64 [ core / ftp ]
2007.05 i686 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ] x86_64 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ]
0.8 i686 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ] x86_64 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ]
0.7.2 i686 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ] x86_64 [ base.iso / ftp.iso / main iso ]

Ark Linux 2006.1 Regular / Live CD (Linux ISO)

belenix.0.7.iso (OpenSolaris LiveCD ISO)
belenix_0.7.1.iso (OpenSolaris LiveCD ISO)

blag - brixton linux action group 50001 ISO more info on blag (Linux ISO)

Bluewhite64 12.0 - Bluewhite64-11.0-LiveCD-r1.iso / bw64-current-30052007.iso (11.1-test1) (Linux ISO)

BU Linux 4.5 i386 (Linux ISO)

Catix catix-1.3-586.iso / catix-1.3-amd64.iso (Linux ISO)

CentOS 4.4 i386 LiveCD Install [ CDs 1-2-3-4 | DVD] Server (Linux ISO)
CentOS 4.4 x86_64 Install [ CDs 1-2-3-4 | DVD] Server (Linux ISO)

DamnSmallLinux 3.3 (Linux ISO)

debian-31r2-i386-binary-1.iso.metalink (1st DVD) / debian-31r2-i386-binary-dvd.iso.metalink (2 DVD Linux ISO)

DesktopBSD 1.0
[ x86 CD / x86 DVD / amd64 DVD
PC (x86) - Language Packages CD ] (BSD ISO)

DesktopBSD 1.6RC3

DragonFly BSD 1.10.0 (BSD ISO)

Dreamlinux 2.0 WORKS.metalink (Linux ISO)

Dubuntu 6.06 x86 (Chinese Ubuntu) CD1/LiveCD / CD2 (Linux ISO)

eAR OS 1.05 (Linux ISO)

Famelix 1.2
Famelix 1.3 (Linux ISO)

The latest Metalinks for Fedora ISOs are available directly from Fedora.

Fedora 11 i686 Live CD images:

Live Desktop i686
Live KDE i686

Fedora 11 x86_64 Live CD images:

Live Desktop x86_64
Live KDE x86_64

Fedora 11 i386 CD and DVD images:

Network Install

Fedora 11 x86_64 CD and DVD images:

Network Install

Fedora 11 ppc CD and DVD images:

Network Install

Fedora 11 Fedora Electronics Lab spin Live CD images:

FEL Live i686
FEL Live x86_64

Fedora 11 Source Code CD and DVD images:


Fedora 7 i386 DVD ISO (Linux ISO)
Fedora Core 6 DVD ISOs [ i386 | x86_64 | PPC ] (Linux ISO)
Fedora_Core_5_i386_DVD_ISO.metalink (Linux ISO)
FreeBSD 6.1
[ i386 | amd64 | alpha | sparc64 ] (BSD ISO)

FreeBSD 6.2 BETA3
amd64 [ bootonly | disc1 | disc2 ]
i386 [ bootonly | disc1 | disc2 ] (BSD ISO)

Freespire 1.0.13 i386 (Linux ISO)

Gentoo 2007.0 Live CD (x86) (Linux ISO)

GoblinX 2.0 (x86) / GoblinX Mini 2.0 (x86) (Linux ISO)

gNewSense 1.0 (Linux ISO)

Granular Linux 1.0 (Linux ISO)
Granular Linux 0.25 (Linux ISO)
Granular Linux 0.12 (Linux ISO)

grml 1.0
grml small 0.4
grml64 0.1 (Linux ISO)

Hacao.Office 2.01 MORE INFO (Linux ISO)

Ichthux 6.09 desktop i386 (Linux ISO)

KateOS_3.2-Miniiso.iso (Linux ISO)

Kiwi Linux 7.08 (Linux ISO)

KNOPPIX 5.1.1 DVD German / English (Linux ISO)

kororaa-2005-beta2-r1-install.iso.metalink (Linux ISO)

Linux From Scratch LiveCD x86 6.2 (Linux ISO)

Linux Mint
3.0 - 3.0 Light
2.2 codename "Bianca" Full / Light / KDE / miniKDE
2.1, 2.0, 1.0-BETA-007 (Linux ISO)

Mandriva Metalink Downloads

Mandriva 2008 Spring
DVD x86 / x86_64
x86 1 - 2 - 3
KDE x86 int cdrom / extra-i18n-cdrom asia-cdrom
GNOME x86 int cdrom / extra-i18n-cdrom asia-cdrom
Mini Dual (Linux ISO)

Mandriva 2008.0
DVD x86 / x86_64
x86 1 - 2 - 3
Single CD KDE x86 / x86_64
Mini Dual (Linux ISO)

Mandriva 2007.1
DVD [x86 / x86_64 / BOTH ]
GNOME [ x86 / x86_64 ]
KDE [x86 / x86_64 ]
Mandriva 2007.1 KDE-extra-i18n x86
MCNLive Toronto
MCNLive Delft (Linux ISO)

MidnightBSD Disc 1 - Disc 2 (BSD ISO)

Moblin netbook core Alpha1 [ ISO - KVM - VMware ]
Moblin netbook core Alpha1 Developer [ ISO - KVM - VMware ]

Musix MusixGNU+Linux1.0r2_Stable.iso. Older MusixGNU+Linux1.0r1_Stable.iso (Linux ISO)

NetBSD 3.0.1 [ i386 | amd64 ] (BSD ISO)

Nexenta elatte_installcd_alpha6_i386.zip (OpenSolaris ISO)

OpenBSD 4.0 [ i386 | amd64 ] (BSD ISO)

OpenSolaris 2009.06
2008.05 [ Primary Languages | Compressed, All languages ] (OpenSolaris ISO)

openSUSE Metalink Downloads

The latest openSUSE ISOs are available directly from openSUSE, just append ".metalink" to the URL.
10.2 DVDs: [ Live DVD | i386 DVD | x86_64 DVD | PPC DVD ]
10.2 i386 CDs: [ CD1 - CD2 - CD3 - CD4 - CD5 ]
10.2 x86_64 CDs: [ CD1 - CD2 - CD3 - CD4 - CD5 ]
KDE Four Live: 0.5 (Beta 3+)

Pardus-Calisan-2007.1.iso (Linux LiveCD)

PC-BSD 1.4 (x86) [ CD1 / CD2 / VMWare Image ] (BSD ISO)

2009.2 GNOME
2009.1 minime KDE3
2009.1 zenmini GNOME

Pioneer Explorer Server 1.0 Final
Pioneer Explorer 1.1 Final
Pioneer Explorer 1.0 Final
Pioneer Basic Release 2.1 DVD
Pioneer Christian Edition Beta 1
Pioneer MigrationSERVER Release 2.1 (Linux ISO)

Puppy Linux

Rocks Cluster Distribution 4.3 i386 / x86_64 (Linux ISO)

Sabayon Metalink Downloads

SabayonLinux 3.4 mini edition x86 / x86_64
SabayonLinux 3.4f x86
Sabayon-x86-1.1-ProfessionalEdition.iso x86
SAM 2007 (Linux ISO)

Scientific Linux 5.0 i386 DVD (Linux ISO)

sidux-2007-03-200708141236-gaia-kde-full.iso / sidux64-2007-03-200708141220-gaia-kde-full.iso (Linux ISO)

antiX-Mepis6.5.iso (Linux ISO)

SLAX, 6.0.0rc3 (Linux ISO)

StartCom MultiMedia Edition 5-ML-5.0.5 (Kessem) [ i386 / x86_64 ]
StartCom AS-3.0.6 [ i386 ]
StartCom AS-4.0.2 [ i386 / x86_64 ] (Linux ISO)

SUSE 10.1 Remastered DVD [ i386 / x86-64 ] (Linux ISO)

Swecha LiveCD July 07 (Linux ISO)

TrueBSD 0.1 (BSD ISO)

Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Gobuntu/Ubuntu Studio Metalink Downloads

The latest Metalinks for Ubuntu are available directly from Canonical.
Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake)
Alternate [ amd64 / i386 / ppc ]
Desktop [ amd64 / i386 / ppc ]
Server [ amd64 / i386 / ppc / sparc ] (Linux ISO)

Ubuntu 7.04 Christian Edition 3.2 (i386) (Linux ISO)

Xubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) Desktop amd64 / i386 / powerpc (Linux ISO)

Ulteo alpha (Linux ISO)
Windows_Vista_Beta2_x86.metalink (DVD ISO)
VectorLinuxSOHO-5.1.2-LIVE-5.iso.metalink (Linux ISO)
Yellow Dog 5 for Platstation3 (Linux ISO)

Yoper 3.0 "Titanium"
Regular ISO
Live CD
Slim CD (Linux ISO)

White Box Enterprise Linux Release 4 Respin 2 i386 CD1-4
i386 individual CDs: [ CD1 - CD2 - CD3 - CD4 ] (Linux ISO)

zenserver-0.5.iso (Linux ISO)

Metalink Instructions for GetRight 6 by Seth D Brown  [back to top]
To use, you must first install GetRight 6.

After installation, return to this page to select one of the example Metalinks above for downloading.

When you open the link, it will trigger GetRight and you will be prompted to select a download location. Once you choose the download location, click on the Options button in the download status window.

In the Options menu, choose 'Accelerated (Segmented) Downloading' and then choose the number of mirrors you want to use from the menu.

Most likely, you'll want all future downloads to be automatically segmented.

To achieve this, you'll need to change GetRight's configuration. First right-click on the GetRight icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (the system tray) and then left-click on 'GetRight Configuration'. Go to Downloads then Accelerate & check the box for "Automatically do Accelerated (Segmented) downloading..."