Metalink is an Internet standard that harnesses the speed and power of peer to peer networking and traditional downloads with a single click.

For users and content providers, Metalink makes downloading simpler, faster, and more reliable.

Popular Metalinks: LibreOffice, openSUSE DVD / CD, Ubuntu, Sage, Mandriva, Fedora, Sabayon,

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04 Feb : MirrorBrain 2.18.0 a Download Redirector with Metalink and Torrent generator, is out! Details...
29 Jan : curl 7.35.0 continues Metalink support!
05 Jan : aria2 1.18.3! (Unix/Win), the high speed command line download utility with Metalink (RFC 5854/RFC 6249) support, is out!
17 Dec : Fedora 20 Metalinks!
17 Oct : Ubuntu 13.10 Metalinks! Useful for regular downloads and also used by Wubi.
26 Mar : DownThemAll! 2.0.16 (Firefox extension) is out! This is the easiest way to try out Metalink on Firefox!
24 Mar : DownThemAll! 3.0 Beta 4 (Firefox extension) is out! This is the easiest way to try out Metalink on Firefox!
05 Mar : (meta)Linking Students Together For Summer #gsoc
30 Jan : FTP RANG Command for Octet Ranges Transfers IETF Internet Draft.
30 Jan : FTP LOCK Command for Using a Single Port IETF Internet Draft.
19 Jan : FTP HASH Command for Cryptographic Hashes IETF Internet Draft.
17 Jan : Metalink/XML Clients, Publishers, and Caches IETF Internet Draft.
20 Nov : Metalink Joins the Software Freedom Conservancy!
03 Nov : wget with Metalink support! ("parallel-wget" git branch, expected in wget 1.16!) #gsoc
03 Sep : mget is an experimental (alpha) wget-like command line tool with Metalink (RFC 5854/RFC 6249) support!
29 Aug : Metalink command line tools like libmetalink and curl for OS X are on Homebrew, try 'brew install curl --with-libmetalink'.
28 Aug : libmetalink, a Metalink library, adds Metalink functionality such as parsing Metalink XML files to programs written in C.
20 Aug : Google Summer of Code finals! 5 projects: wget, Chrome, Apache Traffic Server, KGet, and aria2/DownThemAll! See our Ideas page for what's in progress and where we still need help!
20 Aug : Metalink Downloader is a new Chrome extension with Metalink support! (Now on the Chrome Web Store). #gsoc
20 Aug : DownThemAll! (Firefox extension) with Metalink/HTTP support! (expected in a future release!) #gsoc
20 Aug : webui-aria2 is a slick new web interface for aria2! #gsoc
20 Aug : KDE's KGet with Metalink/HTTP support! (expected in a future release!) #gsoc
20 Aug : Apache Traffic Server Metalink plugin detects Metalinks in a cache and serves identical content up faster! #gsoc
10 Aug : Google: Who's New in Google Summer of Code 2012 - Metalink.
24 May : Metalink on Wired's Webmonkey!
26 Mar : KDE Enhances Mirroring Network with MirrorBrain and Metalinks!